"Perhaps all the dragons in our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us act, just once, with beauty and courage. Perhaps everything that frightens us is, in the deepest essence, something helpless that wants our love."

Rainer Maria Rilke

Building Bridges

At age 12, starting the first grade of my new high school, i found a school agenda in the school toilet. In there their were some pages where it was explained what it meant to be a certain sign of the zodiac. There i found out my sign was Scorpio. Never i had heard of this and never i was so intrigued by something new. Even if it summed up all the clichés, even if it was mostly incorrect, just the magical sentence: ‘you are a Scorpio’ sticked with me. From there my path started how i became the person i am today. It took me till i was 18 to come further than knowing about the sunsigns, when i was 18 i met astrologers, guru’s, tarotists, i started to travel, i met wise people, manipulative people, old people, young people, all having their say in their own ideas about wisdom and i only was amazed, intrigued, passionated and fascinated. I took it all-in like a sponge and hoping to find the right guidence.  Well… it took me till my thirties to find out that the truth and wisdom is not outside myself.


            "Because it is inside it is outside and as it is above, it is below..."


Before i found out that i can only guide myself, that i have my self-conciousness to develop to become who i allready was i had to take many detours. I became a chef in a restaurant, i became a social worker, i became a schoolteacher. I finished my educations, received diploma's, got jobs and worked with full power. In between i always kept my passion for astrology and kept reading and learning, watching other astrologers how they worked, and just liked to find out my personal chart and charts of friends and family. Never thinking i could ever be professional.


I always loved the jobs i did, but i always got stuck, it was fun, i was good at it, but i just didn’t want to do this jobs, and i didn’t know why. It was when i was 24 that i found out there was existing something called Steiner/Waldorf schools. I found out because i broke my leg walking in nature and as my house had three stairs, my friends invited me to stay with them. Their children were in Steiner/Waldorf school and they invited me to come to their Spring celebration. My heart opened, my conciousness awoke, i felt so thankful for this opportunity to see this amazing school, it was so beautiful, so true, so correct. After that i knew, i have to work in this kind of schools not in the regular school. So i found out their was a special training in Steiner education. When i was 27 i received my diplomas and i started to work in the Steiner school. It was a dream coming through. To work with such conciousness and deeply work on self developement to be able to show children what beauty, goodness and thruth there is waiting in the world for them and how to unreveal their mysteries, finding out step by step what it is their souls came to bring in the world. It was just the most important work i could imagine. In the years that followed my 29th birtday i chose to receive 3 beloved children. All three of them teached me a new lesson, and all this made me understand what kind of astrologer i am and that i have something to give with this. My experience over the years as a Steiner teacher, a social worker and a mother gave me a lot of insight in emotional behaviour of children and patterns between them and their parents and closeby educators. My vision on astrology is very much influenced by the learnings of evolutionairy astrologer of Steven Forrest on one hand and on the learnings of astrosophy by Willi Sucher. How this path will continue i don’t know yet but i do know, there is still a world of wisdom waiting in the sky for me to be unrevealed. And i am eager to learn more, step by step, everytime a new theme in myself gets touched, and everytime i get touched i can touch anothers person soul with it, bring conciousness to others about their subconcious believes and patterns is what i want to do. To reveal what the soul within allready knows.

Astrology or Astrosophy
Astro  means star, logy means logic and sophy means wisdom. Their are many ways to explain astrology to a person, people say it is character analysis, other people say it is about predictions and past lives. I say it is about getting grip on yourself, your true being, your Self, becoming conscious about what is laying in your unconsciousness.

Anybody can become an astrologer, it is like learning a new language, it is the language of the world of symbols, to become an astrologer you have to learn the symbols of the star-knowledge, and use your intuition while interpreteting, form a story of what the soul wants to tell us. This is astrology. To learn the symbols of the star-wisdom is astrosophy. Astrosophy is based on the knowledge that R. Steiner gave to us, it is part of anthroposophy.

Because i believe astrology/astrosophy is a beautiful tool to bring out peoples greatest potential, to make people aware of what greatness they all are capable off, and i truly believe it can give you insights so deeply that anyone who has let their chart done is 5 steps ahead than to people who didn’t do this. It can give you an AHA feeling and really open your eyes of your greatness and your risks you are taking by not living your personal greatness.

Starting from 2013 i give consults and i grow every day more in my qualities and talents. Development is not a straight line but a spiral, everytime again you will come back to the same development point but every time on a different level. That is how you learn a life time.