"The truth is rarely pure and never simple."

Oscar Wilde


I try to stay away from psychological or predictive astrology as much as possible because I assume that every person has a free will and walks his own path. I do not believe that it is good to predict, nor do I see the added value of psychologically interpreting character traits and deeply examining the psyche of man. For me, the path of man lies in the development of consciousness, finding his original source and being connected to his highest potential. There are several truths, and a clear yes or no to life questions, does not exist in my opinion, the search is always open. There is also no fast, easy path to enlightenment. Man's path is one where we all come from paradise to learn how to become human. This road is accompanied by ego development and on that road we come into contact with adaptive behavior. To become a human you must connect with your personality and you must learn to adapt. In my opinion, the ego and the ability to adapt are given to us from the cosmic world and the traits are our tools here on earth so that we can complete our path of experience. In prosperity and adversity. How you fill in those given qualities is up to you.

My most important questions are;

Do you live out what you have been given in a shadow way or do you live it out to your highest potential? How do you get the best out of yourself?

How do you fulfill your true path of life from your pure divine potential? How can I help you walk the path of your soul?