Get back in balance with yourself and / or with your child. Following your birth, relationship, or transit horoscope, or following your tarot placement, you may want to elaborate on broached topics. I offer various options for this: we can go for a walk in a beautiful nature park in which I use the space and natural elements to allow you to gain insight into yourself. We can Skype or you can come and see me. We can look at a route and budget that suits you. Sometimes you look for a mirroring companion who is standing next to you, not opposite you, without having a therapeutic charge, but who does touch the core. Then you've come to the right place. In my coaching sessions I ask you open, judgmentless questions regarding what you tell yourself and in this way we deepen your core question. From self-insight you come to answers that really help you further. I can also give you concrete pedagogical advice and sometimes I refer you to my broad network of therapists, homeopaths, paranormal workers and coaches.

€ 90 1h