Introductory Chart

Creating a horoscope is detailed work. You discuss the deepest life themes of the client. This takes a lot of time and therefore a horoscope quickly becomes pricey. Because you are sometimes curious about what there is to see in a horoscope about yourself or your partner or child, but do not yet know if you want to pay that kind of so much money for it, i have a number of options here that are cheaper and therefore perhaps interesting for you.

Sun-Moon-Ascendant consultation: a brief glance into your horoscope. Who are you at the core, what do you feel and how do you come across to the outside world?

€ 45,-

30 minutes

Short consultation: In addition to Sun-Moon-Ascendant and the personal planets, we also discuss the most important aspects in your horoscope that show where your blockages are and your qualities are enhanced.

€ 75,-

50 minutes

Combination horoscope + tarot: You look from two information sources; often similarities can be found and a theme is highlighted even more, creating extra awareness. We go into the horoscope for 40 minutes, then we put a 20-minute tarot, depending on your question.

€ 90,-

60 minutes