The Stars once spoke to man
It is World Destiny that they are silent now.
To become aware of this Silence
Can become Pain for Earthly humanity.

But in the deepening Silence
There grows and ripens what the
Human Being speaks to the stars.
To become aware of this Speaking
Can become Strength for Spirit Humanity.

- Rudolf Steiner -

Astrology, Tarot, Pedagogy and Coaching

Every person is looking for their core being, often you come to a point where you want to review your options again, or you want to determine your direction for the future. Sometimes you lose the connection with that true core within yourself and you need someone to reflect on your life with you, sometimes you have doubts about whether you are walking the right path and you need to be confirmed in the choices you make. Welcome to Lua Rhea, a unique practice in spiritual and pedagogic development in the Netherlands. Hoogeveen / Meppel / Zwolle area. Take a look around on my website and discover what I can do for you.

Sabine Stokmans

Born in South of the Netherlands in a small village on November 20th 1983 on a Sunday, home-birth, under the full moon as a Scorpio Sun with Capricorn Ascendant and Taurus Moon.


I grew up in a Catholic entrepreneurial family and made myself free from religion at my 18th. Then I searched for new believe systems in esotery, spirituality and anthroposophy, made it my own and now i am liberated from dogma and connected with the Universal.


Mother of 3 beautiful children who offer me the necessary challenges, loved man and woman and separated, beautiful love lessons that helped me in good and bad on my path of self-development.  


Ex- Waldorf/Steiner school teacher. Chef in a distant past. Autodidact astrologer and tarotist since my 18th. Someone with a lot of empathy and senses, listening to what is hidden under the words. Always searching for more truth. Searching for the Source of our existence.


Offered services

I work with my knowledge about antroposophy, pedagogics, evolutionairy-, spiritual-, the black lights astrology and the Rider Waite Tarot. I work with my intuition which i develop through bodywork and mindfulness. I act in line with the ethical codes developed by the ASAS astrological association.

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"The truth is rarely pure and never simple"

Oscar Wilde


"We ordered family astrology with Sabine. Wow, that was special. It touched on so many aspects. I received many new insights about my children and myself. Because of the astrology i knew what to do to release myself from obstructions in my system. My life became so much better. the communication with Sabine was so good and lovely. She has a great personality, real professional, experienced and patient. Thank you Sabine. x Linda"

L. Vereijken- vd Berg

"In the years i know Sabine she has been of great vaue to me. Especially because of her way of interpreting astrology and tarot. What Sabine does is more than only reading the map, she brings life into the chart. By her devoted way of reading the chart and the person, she takes you along a journey within yourself; she brings out consciousness into what still is unconscious. She shows you in all honesty all aspects of yourself. Sometimes it looks like she is a transfer-hatch from Universe, although she would not say that herself. It is reallly nice to talk to her about life, choices, antroposophy and education of children. She is a great mirror and sometimes that is so nescessary."

Y. van Wijk-Wesenbeek

"The birth chart of Sabine is to the point and gives many insights! In some ways it is like coming home to yourself and in other ways it reallly opens your eyes. I recommend it to everyone!"

F. Ambrosius

"Sabine made sure that I got closer and closer to my core .... and oh how good that feels! During my first conversation, pieces of the puzzle immediately fell into place. The conversations with Sabine that followed gave me a lot of peace and confidence. (sometimes with the necessary humor!) and always gives you new insights. Meanwhile we have had the entire family done with astrology and we are incredibly grateful that we have this 'gold' in our hands. I understand some actions / behaviors of our children much better now and can look at it from a different perspective. I really recommend Sabine to everyone, we are so grateful to her."

J. Sterken